Being a Beach Bum is My Job

A couple months ago I was raving about this sleeveless knit sweater (click here to see) – and how versatile it is, and you can wear it seasons after season blablabla, the usual ranting that I go on about. Well I think now I have some proof to back up my ranting! We were going to see the Santa Monica sunset (because watching the sunset and playing with the waves are my two favorite thing in the entire world – oh and maybe a glass of wine, white to be exact and a shopping spree, let’s stop here Josephine!), and then afterwards we were going to the Lakers game – YAY!
Anyways, I was already wearing my polka dot dress (as you can see) and decided to add my Banana Republic sweater to keep my body warm once the sun goes down. And tadaaaa, it all worked out for the best! It’s funny because often I just put on random clothes because I can’t make any concrete decisions and then it ends up working out pretty well – most of the time.
SO this is why a sleeveless sweater and/or jackets are a necessity for this summer!
Especially if you’re a beach bum that stays until the sun goes dow.
This weekend is the weekend to be a beach bum by the way 🙂

The end.

PS. please put some tanning and/or suncreen lotion on – don’t get burnt like me. You’ll regret it after you can’t sleep for 2 days. lol – not lol.

Sweater from Banana Republic // Dress from Forever XXI // Bag from Botkier

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