Castles on Castles



Castle de Nitray

Chateau de Chenonceau

The Loire Valley, the valley of castles, and fruity wine!! It’s 2 hours south from Paris and it’s worth each of the thousands steps around the castle. I may go through another rant about the architecture, but you’d probably close this tab right about now.
It was an incredible fall afternoon with the leaves starting to fall, the wine was obviously the best time. We left at 7AM; I slept through the whole highway, got to the first castle, Chambord. We learned about how there are no toilets in castles and the King would go in the corner, so that was fantastic to hear. Thank human evolution and engineering for washrooms now! Wahooo! After the tour of Chambord was done, we went to a local winery where we had lunch served and unlimited wine – now we’re talking! Moved on to the other castle, Chenonceau and had another wine tasting there. 
Now the particular thing about this wine that I found is that it tastes like a mix of exotic fruits such as passion fruits and mango, it’s very different but sooooo good!
If you like a sweeter wine, you should definitely try it from the Loire Valley! 
*insert tongue emoji*

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