Snowy Reflections

2017: a year of growth. 2018: a year of rebuilding. That’s because even when every block drops, there’s still a hand that puts it all back together. Well I just made that one up, but you get the gist, and it sums up my life. Last year was a tough year of loss for many… Read More Snowy Reflections


Flower Child

All thanks to the amazing TiannaKwong for the pictures & Tracey Chelsea for the flower crowns! I once stated that I am forever a beach bum, as the leafs are sweeping on the streets, I have decided to change my persona into a flower child for a day. Let me know tell you, it’s comforting to… Read More Flower Child

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Golden Gate to Heaven

              San Francisco is going to be my homeland one day. It is oh-so-beautiful. The vibrant colored houses, the weird streets, the open-minded culture, and of course that mind-blowing red bridge, where diamond-looking water lives beneath. There was a cloudless sky and a ray of sun that made the… Read More Golden Gate to Heaven