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Golden Gate to Heaven

              San Francisco is going to be my homeland one day. It is oh-so-beautiful. The vibrant colored houses, the weird streets, the open-minded culture, and of course that mind-blowing red bridge, where diamond-looking water lives beneath. There was a cloudless sky and a ray of sun that made the… Read More Golden Gate to Heaven


Aim For Gr8

              Nice to meet you Audi R8 Spyder. I know people often rave about you and you have more fans than you probably think, for this reason I wanted to look my best for you. I went for a classy and edgy look which are also characteristics that also… Read More Aim For Gr8


Ready, Set, Spring!

        GUESS WHAT! It’s officially time to start thinking about Spring (t-minus 25 days)! Now that we’ve made it clear that Spring is just around the corner, you’re probably wondering what to wear for this mix weather or maybe you think about this every time you go outside? Do you ever look… Read More Ready, Set, Spring!


My Valentine’s Day

  11am: woke up to the sunrays peaking through the blinds 12pm: arrived at Dora’s Salon for a surprise hour massage 1pm: first class pedicure while sippin’ on my favorite Booster Juice (Mango Hurricane) 2:30pm: went home for a snack + opened a shipping box with a Botkier bag from NYC (AHH!) 4:30pm: drove to… Read More My Valentine’s Day


Challenge Yourself

                  The Latest Scoop is a pop shop that ‘pops up’ on Granville Street twice a year! Auntie & I decided to go on a lunch date at Luke’s with some great fish tacos, then ‘pop over’ to The Latest Scoop. Thank god for auntie Snickers who… Read More Challenge Yourself