Las Vegas Baby!

All I wanted was hot weather, a stroll in the desert, experience never-seen nature, and listen to music. Nevada was the dream destination for my desert walk. At this point I’ve been so stressed out with school that I just wanted a boring, flat, deserted land that doesn’t make me think about the consumer supply… Read More Las Vegas Baby!


Castles on Castles

Chambord Chambord Castle de Nitray Chateau de Chenonceau The Loire Valley, the valley of castles, and fruity wine!! It’s 2 hours south from Paris and it’s worth each of the thousands steps around the castle. I may go through another rant about the architecture, but you’d probably close this tab right about now. It was… Read More Castles on Castles


Architectural Orgasm

gare d’Austerlitz jardin des plantes jardin des plantes le train bleu notre dame notre dame notre dame saint michel l’extérieur de notre dame hotel de ville colombes The adventure continues, capturing the beauty of Europe with so much character, stories and history attached to each and every building. In one of the courses I am… Read More Architectural Orgasm


Garden of the Royals

The garden, the castle, the fountains built for one King who died prior to seeing the end results. To think that back in the day they could build such beautiful castles with so many details and make it look so effortless. The Queen & the Princess had her own palace which reflects the marital and… Read More Garden of the Royals


Found my Homeland

Welcome to Paris; where the magic happen!   chasing the sunset  view of paris – eiffel tower is to the right   the buildings to the right is where La Defence is – where my university is okay superman – we understand you’re still alive Sacré Coeur Basilica – this is where you get the view of the… Read More Found my Homeland

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Golden Gate to Heaven

              San Francisco is going to be my homeland one day. It is oh-so-beautiful. The vibrant colored houses, the weird streets, the open-minded culture, and of course that mind-blowing red bridge, where diamond-looking water lives beneath. There was a cloudless sky and a ray of sun that made the… Read More Golden Gate to Heaven