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Golden Gate to Heaven

              San Francisco is going to be my homeland one day. It is oh-so-beautiful. The vibrant colored houses, the weird streets, the open-minded culture, and of course that mind-blowing red bridge, where diamond-looking water lives beneath. There was a cloudless sky and a ray of sun that made the… Read More Golden Gate to Heaven


Malibu Sunset

I present to you the Malibu Sunset.             Tip of the trip: Don’t be scared to go up to those security booth at Pepperdine University and ask if you can go to the top of the hill, just say you’re Canadian and you really want to see the Malibu sunset… Read More Malibu Sunset


Spring Break 4 ever

  Here a few pictures of my spring break. I will expand on some of these pictures with outfit posts and quick tips on certain locations. I will post videos as well. This was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had on a road trip! Enjoy & feel free to ask me any questions about… Read More Spring Break 4 ever