Friends Break Up Affecting You?

Break ups are totally seasonal. This means that there are a few times throughout the year where break ups seem to happen in bunches.
Have you ever heard someone say “Woah, good for them, they made it through the summer!” or “too bad, the summer is rough!”. This is because there is a pattern!
But that’s another topic to discuss another time.
What I want to talk to you about today is -insert drum roll-. Actually let me ask you a question first. Let’s see if this works. Think about the question I’m about to ask for a minute (or 3) and by then, you should know if you’ve ever been in a similar situation. (99.9% chance it will work – like the Febreze commercials).

Ok. Here’s the scenario: Your friend starts telling you about their break up story with their (now ex) boyfriend.
Now here’s the question (finally): Which of the following is the most accurate towards how you feel after hearing about your friends breakup?

A. “thank you God for keeping me single”
B.   “hmn, should I stay in this relationship?”

When your friends go through a break up, you most probably start thinking about your relationship.
“Am I going to marry him?”, “Do I still want to be with him?”, “Does he really treat me the way I deserve?”, “Can I do better than this?” and the list goes on.
If you can get through this rough patch with yourself & see the light at the end of the tunnel, you have made it through another round of doubting your relationship.
I think that many couples go through this, but don’t share it with each other because they don’t want to hurt one another (smart choice).
Doubting is a strong word, let’s use re-evaluating instead. Re-evaluating your relationship does not mean you are in the wrong relationship, it just means that the actions of others influence you to think about your own actions and decisions.
But of course, if he is not treating you well & you do deserve better. Please be strong and get the man you deserve! GIRL POWER.
P.S. If you are not thinking this at all, and you are thankful for your boyfriend – I think you should just go to Cartier, buy a ring, and propose to him. YES I mean it! YOU propose to HIM!

Just joshing, I am a total romantic, seeing a man on one knee is a blessing.

Till next time love bugs.

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