Garden of the Royals

The garden, the castle, the fountains built for one King who died prior to seeing the end results. To think that back in the day they could build such beautiful castles with so many details and make it look so effortless. The Queen & the Princess had her own palace which reflects the marital and relationship issues that would take place back in the day.
Can you imagine being a Queen or a Princess back in the day and standing up to the KING? The one man that people would cherish, give their money, and would die to live like him You are the one woman that born to marry him to make babies and you decide to stand up to him, which only led to you having your own pink palace because you decided to stand up for yourself.
My point is that because there’s a castle for the women itself, that shows that even back in the day women would stand up for themselves. Even if her husband was the god of all gods at that time as he was the King, she was still strong enough!










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