Get Naked with Bobbi Brown


What does a summer look consist of? Well, let me tell you!
It’s all about your hair drying out of the car window, which surprisingly, creates the perfect beach waves. That along with rosie cheeks, a sparkly pink lips, and a subtle amount of eyeliner creates a pretty good look. Now this is what I’m talking about!
The last picture consist of my ‘splurge’ of make up for the summer, and they are all GREAT! I love the Nars duo palette of bronzer & rose blush – it lasts for months even though its small, which makes it all worth it.

The two Urban Decay palettes are all you need for the rest of summer & fall, and the names for each eye shadow color will crack you up!

I just want to let you guys know of some very exciting news – as you can see, I have not done my hair for a few [too] many months.. well I have finally decided to make an appointment and just do it!
I will show you a picture as soon as it’s done, as long as I find some good lighting (such a struggle when it’s too sunny!).

Also another exciting feeling that I must share; You know when you finally decide to invest in a piece of clothing for the next season & it just makes you feel so organized and as if you have your life together? I may be the only one feeling that way though.. not sure.

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