Las Vegas Baby!

All I wanted was hot weather, a stroll in the desert, experience never-seen nature, and listen to music. Nevada was the dream destination for my desert walk.

At this point I’ve been so stressed out with school that I just wanted a boring, flat, deserted land that doesn’t make me think about the consumer supply and demand, leading to the marginal revenue from the profit maximization calculus AHH. ENOUGH. I deserved this vacation!

I came back from Paris January 4th at 11PM, then at 8:30AM class started for the semester. I signed up for 7 courses (don’t ask me why, because I don’t know why either). I actually had to adapt back to being in Vancouver with the weather and being back to an only-english speaking city.

Anyways more about the trip!

It was suppose to be split between LA and Las Vegas, but we stayed in Vegas longer than expected because we just had too much fun.

We flew into LA, got to our rental car where they wanted to give us a Yukon Gold XL which was a no-no from us, settled for a little economy car. From there we went drove to Las Vegas the whole night. We originally wanted to do the Grand Canyon, but we ran out of time, so we ‘settled’ for the Valley of Fire which was breath taking! For our way back to LA we decided to drive back through the Death Valley where we saw the milky way. I am fascinated of the galaxy and how there’s this huge world out there barely even changes, I mean the milky way still exists and so does the Northern

Remember to start living instead of just surviving!

Death Valley ft. a driving car
being cute
valley of fire
I still don’t know how nature does it
like a dead bug on a windshield
because what happens in vegas stays in vegas
view from the room ft. in & out burger
calvin harris in action
the caesar’s bakery
the best coffee & matcha latte I’ve ever had in LA
do you see the t-rex?

l O! v e 

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