Found my Homeland

Welcome to Paris; where the magic happen!   chasing the sunset  view of paris – eiffel tower is to the right   the buildings to the right is where La Defence is – where my university is okay superman – we understand you’re still alive Sacré Coeur Basilica – this is where you get the view of the… Read More Found my Homeland



Before I start posting everything that will be coming along on this new page, I feel that I need to share a bit about myself. Since I was little (9 years old or so), I was always curious about my relationships, especially my babysitter’s love life at the time. In my grade 4 classroom in… Read More DISCLAIMER

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Golden Gate to Heaven

              San Francisco is going to be my homeland one day. It is oh-so-beautiful. The vibrant colored houses, the weird streets, the open-minded culture, and of course that mind-blowing red bridge, where diamond-looking water lives beneath. There was a cloudless sky and a ray of sun that made the… Read More Golden Gate to Heaven