Summer Fling With Tailor Grey


For a while now I have been scared to do my eyebrows with a pencil, I’ve been taught a couple times and everytime I looked at myself I could barely recognize myself. They kept saying “you’ll get used to it”, well they were right! I realized that it’s up to me if I want them darker or lighter.
My best advice would be to go to MAC or Sephora and ask them to teach you, that’s what I had to do. I tried youtube videos but I just couldn’t get it right.
This is a pretty neutral look with the focus of all edges of your face – cheeks, brows, and the eye. This look is becoming more and more popular everywhere! They did contour my lips to make them look a tap bigger which was crazy to see & they contoured my nose to make it look slimmer. It is mind-blowing to see and find out all the tricks celebrities use to make themselves look perfect. I don’t think we realize how much money and time they actually spend to look the way they look – but the end results are gorg-eouss!
I believe that one day we need to come to a place where you are happy with what you were born with, everyone has insecurities about their looks. Make up is an art that we can take advantage of to tame our insecurities in public – use it to your advantage.
Now that it’s the summer I personally barely wear any make up unless I’m going out. I am trying to accept the flaws I believe I have and be okay with the rest of the world seeing them on a daily basis.
Brows Pencil : Fling // Eyes: Tailor Grey and Sockele // Cheeks : Baby Don’t Go // Lips : Pink Treat and Kinda Sexy
All from MAC

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